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I bet you’re curious about how to start your first blog or online business.

Glad to meet you!  So here’s a little about me (and then a little about you!)


My name is Mike, and I’m from the Northeast part of the United States. I’ve been a student of online marketing since 2010 when I stumbled across the concept of passive income.  I discovered I could create an ethical online business that serves others and makes money, too! Over time I’ve researched powerful and actionable information about starting and maintaining a blog and online business. I believe it’s important to remember where I started and what I’ve learned since then, and not keep it to myself. I’m here for you! 

My aim is to share the most valuable information I can, help you learn, and save you time

As a valued (FREE) subscriber to my site, you’ll benefit from what I’ve learned AND be the first to know about new tips, guidelines, resources, and tools!  Here’s how I do that: 

  • By regularly pointing you to great articles and videos with awesome content that will help you start or grow an internet business
  • If you’re thinking about starting an online business, by sharing the thought process I used to start my online business and get my first site up and running quickly
  • Providing information about useful blogging tools and resources I recommend

There are a lot of places on the web with great information, but it takes time to discover them – your valuable time.

NOW as I discover them, you can get there by simply opening an occasional email – from me!


NEW BLOGGER? You’ve probably been inundated with a LOT of new terminology, right?  I wrote a book to help you!

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Being a student never stops.  Just as I’m still learning, I want to help you do the same. The great content I find will help transform you and help you move ahead faster.

I hope you enjoy being here and benefitting from the great teachers, as I have.

Oh, and About You

I’m guessing you’re here out of curiosity, probably as a total newbie (we’ve all been there) or perhaps as a more experienced website/business owner. Either way, I’ll bet you’re a bit of a learner. That’s good because I’m all about continuing education and passing on the knowledge I’ve gained – to improve your efforts.

Whether you’re looking to find out what digital marketing holds for you or just seeking to build upon what you know, you’ve come to the right place.

I need to know what you need to know to grow your blog.

So it would be awesome if you’d do two quick things:

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Welcome, and wishing you success,

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a lawyer, tax consultant, or anything more than a continual student who has learned a lot of things and wished I had some crib notes, so to speak, to help speed my learning.  Take what I offer as a gesture of camaraderie and support as you start out, and anywhere along your learning curve.