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Alphabet Soup Keyword Research Tool Review

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Alphabet Soup keyword research – how to do it faster

If you do keyword research using the “alphabet soup” method, you know how useful it can be.

You also know it can be a bit tedious, with a fair amount of manual record keeping.

I want to share a tool that’ll speed things up. It’s called Keyword Researcher, and it automated the entire process of the alphabet soup method. It also does a lot more, so let’s go over that.

The alphabet soup keyword research method works by going to Google and starting a search for your niche topic.

Example: Let’s say your niche is keto diets. You would type the word keto, followed by the letter “a” into the search bar. You’ll see a list like this:

alphabet soup keyword research


Then you repeat that with “keto b”

alphabet soup keyword research


You keep going as far as you like through the alphabet. What you see each time are the terms that Google knows people are searching on.

Why does that help you? Because it immediately gives you realistic ideas for blog content… things people are already asking about.


You can do the same with longer seed terms, like “keto test a”

alphabet soup keyword research


You can go as far into the alphabet as you want to. It’s amazing, free info.

So later today, go over to Google and try what I just showed you. You’ll be surprised at the amount of content ideas you’ll get. You can use these actual searches to produce more content for your blog.


Note: If you’ve done this before, you know it’s also time consuming.

I know a way to fix that problem for you, with an awesome keyword research tool.

Keyword Researcher Review

If you want to make this process more efficient, there’s a keyword research tool I use and recommend. You may not have heard of it either, but it does so many things well that the others don’t.

First off it does the tedious alphabet soup part for you by automatically going through the alphabet and producing a list of all the variations. It emulates a human using Google Autocomplete, and repeatedly types thousands of queries into Google.

It has many other features, too. Nice little touches like the ability to whitelist, greylist, or blacklist individual keywords or entire search terms. That way, your final list only contains what you want in it.

Keyword Researcher is easy-to-use, with an abundance of well-done help videos.

As you saw in my example above, each time a partial phrase is entered, Google tries to predict what it thinks the whole phrase might be. Keyword Researcher simply saves that prediction for every letter of the alphabet (A-Z) and you’re left with hundreds of great Long Tail keyword phrases!

You can use an asterisk (*) to tell it where to do the search, too:

alphabet soup keyword research


Take a free look and download a copy. Their website does a very good job of showing you the power of the tool.

Feature Summary:

  • Search keywords on Google, Amazon, YouTube
  • Use the “Create Content Tab” to write web content and insert the high-value Keywords.
  • Assign your Keywords to Articles, and sort your Articles into Categories.
  • Group Keywords into multi-colored lists to keep your project nice and organized.
  • Import Keywords and Article Content via Microsoft Excel (XLS) files.
  • You can export your Keywords and Content to many formats, including CSV, XLS, and even a WordPress XML file.
  • Negative Keyword List will ensure that undesirable Keywords don’t interfere with your project.
  • Type your blog content into Keyword Researcher and use your final list to make sure the keywords are in there:
    • The color green means that the whole keyword is in the article.
    • The color orange means that portions of the keyword phrase are in the article.
    • The color black means that the keyword phrase hasn’t been used in the article yet.

Keyword Researcher allows you to:

  • Go after hidden Long Tails with lower competition
  • Build a gigantic list of keywords
  • Generate creative article ideas
  • Answer questions about your topic, product, or service… questions people are actually seeking answers to
  • Gauging market interest about a new niche.. are people actually searching for information now?


The download is free, the price is very reasonable if you decide to get a full copy.   Get it here using my affiliate link.

(Disclosure: The link costs you nothing to use and I do get a small referral fee if you eventually purchase the tool)


Bottom line: Check out all the features, you’ll find this an amazing time saver.

Find Keyword Researcher here

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