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Don’t Be Scammed – An Authoritative CPR V10000 Call Blocker Review (2021 update)

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The CPR V10000 Call Blocker made a HUGE difference for me!

Me before the CPR V10000 Call Blocker:

Arrgghhh, another spammy call

Arrgghhh, another spammy call

Arrgghhh, another spammy call

Arrgghhh, another spammy call

Me after the CPR V10000:

“Sure is quiet around here”

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Me and my CPR V10000 Call Blocker – so far, 115 blocked numbers

call blocker CPR v10000 review

FACT: I am just like you. I HATE robocalls.

Like me, you probably noticed the frequency of these call increasing over the past few years.  We both probably noticed autodialers and robocalls picking up during any political year.

Not sure about you, but I finally thought about getting a call blocker. I was concerned, though, because a few years ago my research proved that the effectiveness and price of those systems weren’t what I was looking for. Combining that with the relative low frequency of calls AND the fact that plain old Caller ID could still be relied upon as a call screener, I held off. So sad.

call blocker CPR v10000 review
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Then during the 2018 midterm elections, both my home and my online business phone started receiving more and more calls. I was fooled by Caller ID quite frequently and realized that robocallers and autodialers were able to easily spoof ID, phone numbers, and area codes to make you think the call was coming from someone you’d need to talk to. They were able to display numbers that looked like your local area code and the exchange for the town or city you live in.

It was time to research the state of technology again.

I poked around on several sites and found some really good units that were unfortunately really expensive. After a week of comparing one model to the next, I hit upon the line of CPR Call Blockers. They call themselves ” America’s No.1 landline Call Blocker brand”, and I can see why. So happy now!

call blocker CPR v10000 review
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What hooked me

After watching a few demos on QVC, I began to get very interested, especially in their new CPR v10000 Call Blocker.

Here’s my review, what I like, what I don’t like, and should you own one?

Apparently CPR  started using model numbers as an indicator of the number of pre-programmed numbers in the unit’s database. Thus, the CPR V10000 Call Blocker has 10,000 pre programmed numbers derived from sources that know who’s been doing all the robocalling.  PLUS, beyond the 10,000 numbers in it’s database, there’s room to add an additional 2,000 numbers as you come across them!. Pretty sweet!

How to block calls:

The operation of the CPR V10000 Call BLocker is straightforward. You have a nice big red “BLOCK NOW” button. You use this when a call comes through and you see from your Caller ID that it’s no one you’re interested in. By the way, the V10000 has an LCD screen that shows the number (though, not the name) so you don’t have to go running to your normal Caller ID box if you don’t want to. Oh, and in case you didn’t guess, you must have Caller ID service on your line for a call blocker (any call blocker) to work.

The fun thing is that with 10,000 numbers being blocked from the start, you don’t have to use the big red button as often as you’d think.

So, let’s say you weren’t sure if you should block when the phone rings, and you don’t press the big red button. Maybe it goes to voicemail and you confirm you don’t want that number calling again. That’s where the Call List comes in. It’s an up/down switch that lets you go through the list of numbers that have called. You find the most recent call and add it to the block list! 

You can also scroll through all the numbers in the Call List and add them to either the Block List or the Allow List.  

There are a number of other handy features in the CPR V10000 Call Blocker:

BLOCK NOW – By pressing the BLOCK NOW button during a call, the number will be added to the BLOCK LIST and will not be able to call you again.

BLOCK LIST – Displays the numbers that you have added to the BLOCK LIST. To navigate through the list use the up/down keys.

ADDITIONAL “Block” features in the CPR V10000 Call Blocker:

  • Blocking all Private Callers
  • Blocking all Out of Area Callers/International
  • Blocking all Unknown Callers
  • Blocking all International numbers with 00 prefixes
  • Blocking all VOIP/IP Rogue Dialer Callers
  • Play voice message to blocked callers

ALLOW LIST – used to navigate through the numbers that you have added to the ALLOW LIST use the up/down keys .

CALL LIST – Displays the last 20 incoming calls. To navigate through the list use the up/down keys. To add any of the CALL LIST numbers to the BLOCK LIST just press the BLOCK NOW button.

DELETE – Removes a number from the BLOCK or ALLOW lists – just scroll to the number and hold down the DELETE button for 5 seconds

HOME  – By pressing the CALL LIST and DELETE button together you will return to the Home screen.

SETUP is straightforward. I had mine unboxed and working in less than 10 minutes (mostly unboxing the little marvel)

CPR V10000 Call Blocker Problems

Did I find any CPR Call Blocker problems? No, with one minor caveat that is well covered in the manual. Sometimes when a blocked call comes in, the phone will still ring just once. That’s usually due to having an answering machine. In that case, you can alter the amount of rings required for the answer machine to kick in. They recommend setting your answer machine to 5 rings or slightly lower.


  • Black List and White List
  • FREE 1 year manufacturers warranty which you can extend to a 3-Year warranty at low cost
  • Has the latest in call blocking technology, preprogrammed with 10,000 of the latest scam/robocall numbers plus you have the ability to block 2,000 more numbers at the touch of the Block Now button
  • The CPR V10000 Call Blocker has two operating modes: Block Mode and Allow Mode. As default the call blocker will be set in Block Mode
  • Works using a cordless DECT phone system as well as a regular wall-to-phone connection
  • Rogue Dialers: Sometimes they get through but the V10000 can handle it. This is usually due to a ‘Rogue Dialler’ or a ‘VOIP’ caller which uses computers to call numerous people at once and spoof their number to allow themselves to contact people continuously. If you enter a code from the manual, you’ll block them as well


  • It’s made of durable, but light material with pads underneath that aren’t skid resistant, so it can slide on a smooth surface – not a big “con” at all
  • The display has no backlight
  • The Caller ID screen only displays the number, not the caller name



I Love the CPR V10000 Call Blocker, and smile each time a number is blocked.

Bye bye, you telecom tormentor!

call blocker CPR v10000 review
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If you’re looking for one “supah dupah” telephone call blocker machine, the CPR Call Blocker V10000 is a no-brainer. When I got mine I was a little skeptical still – until I used it. I also knew I could return it if it didn’t work well. Once I plugged it in I was convinced it was a smart buy.

This is a great choice for you home or office, OR your home office! It’s small, the styling is pretty darn nice, the buttons are solid, the display is large. 

Click here to find out all about it and order

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Also, there are more tools I recommend on my Resources page.

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