If you’ve been doing this online business thing for a while, it’s probably time to boost your Content Marketing Strategy. Level-up time!

I’ve covered promoting your content on this blog before, but did you know there’s a formula for getting your reader’s attention and moving forward toward a purchase?  It’s not something up-and-coming either.  It’s been around quite a long time, but it’s not usually applied to blogging or digital marketing.  Oops.

Selling Formula

You should learn how it works

Why?  Because it can help you engage, persuade, and convert your readers into buyers.  Meet AIDA.  It’s an experience funnel.

Ryan Johnson (Ramit Sethi’s Sr. Editorial Director) tells us it’s one of the “fundamentals of sales. Use the AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) to make sure your funnel will move people from where they are today to actually purchasing your product:”  

Why do we care?

Because as a digital marketer, you are trying to meet people’s needs. You need a way to move them from passive curiosity to purchasing.  You need to both educate them enough to spend cash, and provide them with a solution to their problem.  Voila – a happy customer who will potentially be back to your business for more.

Sure, this is a deeper, more advanced topic, but it’s really fundamental to selling whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned blogger/marketer.  You can handle it!  Here’s some content marketing strategy by Jayson DeMers at Forbes.


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