Food bloggers favorite kitchen tools. You know they have ’em. Why? Because they work! A food blogger cooks, a food blogger eats, a food blogger’s workshop is their kitchen. None of them are going to skimp on the equipment they use. “The right tool for the right job” my father always said. It goes for workshops and it goes for food bloggers.

What kitchen tools do food bloggers prefer?

I scoured the first page of Google for “food bloggers favorite kitchen tool” and built a list of the results. It’s a long list. My hypothesis was that each blogger would have a list borne of experience and wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t invaluable.  So, what did I find?

Food bloggers have a core set of favorite kitchen tools, and the overlap among bloggers caught my eye!

I studied my list and noticed that there were some items that showed up more often than others. It was clear that food bloggers have some absolute favorite tools, as this word cloud shows :

Food Bloggers Favorite Kitchen Tools
Food Bloggers Favorite Kitchen Tools (

So let’s break down the commonalities and the reasons given for their use. The format here is the wordcloud term (in parentheses) followed by the rest of the item’s name after that

  • (Cast Iron) Skillet: They’re solid, you can use them for so many things – searing, making awesome pancakes, cooking eggs, meat, vegetables, and baking. Some bloggers called it a “workhorse” that brings it!
  • (Silicone) many items: Silicone kitchen tools included baking mats; food bags; handles on recommended tongs, lemon squeezers, and skillets; spatulas; jar scrapers, and more! Why use silicone in kitchen tools and utensils?  According to Chin chin of, here are some good reasons:
    • silicone cooking utensils have high-heat resistance.
    • silicone cooking utensils are stain-resistant
    • silicone cooking utensils are rubber-like and user-friendly with non-stick surfaces.
    • silicone cooking utensils are non-corrosive and hard-wearing
  • (Stainless) many items: First of all, well… stainless!   Who wants kitchen tools that rust? Beyond that obvious point, these tools made a strong showing among food bloggers’ favorite kitchen tools. For example:
    • measuring cups
    • fish turner spatula
    • microplane
    • tongs
    • lemon squeezers
    • wavy chopper knives
    • kitchen appliance exteriors
    • food scales
  • What’s so special about stainless steel in the kitchen? According to Emma Christensen of, stainless steel:
    • Stainless steel is a metal alloy with about 10-11% chromium. When exposed to air, the chromium in the metal forms a film of chromium oxide over the surface. This film is passive and non-toxic, and most importantly, it prevents the steel from rusting by shielding it from air and moisture. Even if the metal gets scratched, the chromium oxide reforms seamlessly. It’s also non-reactive, unlike aluminum and iron, so we can use it for preparing and cooking acidic foods.
  • (Oxo): Oxo isn’t a material, it’s a brand name, and obviously a favorite among food bloggers. Mentioned several times, food bloggers use Oxo items like:
    • cookie scoop
    • fish turner
    • instant read thermometer
    • wire whisk
    • cutting board
    • food scale
  • (Vegetable): Why does the word vegetable show up prevalently? Because of slicers, spiralizers, and wavy chopper knives. You’ve seen those fancy vegetable displays and appetizer dishes, right? They don’t make themselves! Another example of the right tool for the right job.
  • (Handle): What’s so special about a handle that makes it stand out in the food bloggers kitchen tools list? Well, just about every appliance or tool has a handle which is a key component of the tool itself. The ergonomics and form, fit, function of the kitchen tool is enhanced by a handle that fits well, is positioned well, and provides adequate grip. Most of the tools that food bloggers listed with the word ‘handle” mentioned features like
    • easy grip
    • assist
    • silicone design for “hot handle” protection

Let me wrap up with (Spatula): Who knew a simple spatula would rise to the top of a word cloud? Well, it’s because food bloggers have a knack for handy items that go above and beyond the basic. Spatulas listed include angled spatula, silicone spatula, heat resistant spatula, offset spatula.

Just like any craftsperson who spends a good deal of time in their workshop, studio, or nook doing what they love, a food blogger in the kitchen needs a good set of tools.

Problem Solved: If you’re ready to upgrade an item or two, or have a friend who’d be interested in doing so, here are the food blogger must have kitchen tools I found most mentioned as I researched.  As a disclaimer, these links are affiliate links, meaning I will earn a small referral fee if you choose to purchase through these links – at NO cost to you.  I really appreciate when you use these links, but you are under no obligation to. Thanks for helping me keep the blog running! 

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Food Bloggers Recommended Favorite Kitchen Tools

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