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How to Create Backlinks

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How to create backlinks is something every blogger and digital marketer needs to learn and apply. Backlinks point back to your site, which means someone saw your content as interesting and worth sharing.

How does this work – the primer

If someone teaches you something good, wouldn’t you be likely to share it? Well, that’s pretty much what we want when we provide valuable content online – to have it read and to have it shared. That’s why there are share bars on practically every website and article on the web. That’s why we have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and every other social media platform out there… to pass along what we find interesting, fascinating, jaw-dropping. We share what we learn, we share what we see or read.

Backlinks are the bridge to the good content we find. We can link to other websites, they can link to us. With external links, the original blogger has their reach increased, meaning more people see their content and their audience grows. With internal links to your own posts. readers stay on your site longer. This “point back” is a strong signal to search engines that your site has engaging content. 

Link building is the art of spreading reach online. Your reach, other’s reach… I link to you, you link to me, we link to others, they link to others. 

However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do link building

You can actually minimize or even hurt your reach and search results ranking if you don’t do link building the right way. In today’s discovery, I bring you a wonderful piece from BackLinko’s Brian Dean about the art of Link Building!  Let’s learn…

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