Wow this is good copy!

How to write good copy is something we all need to learn or improve upon. Think about how you read content. Does it differ by the type of content? Are you reading a long page of complicated sentences? Are you scanning the information quickly so that you get to the main points?

Your readers have the same thing going on. When they read an online post or tip, most people scan. Wouldn’t it make sense to write good copy the same way? If you’re writing for the web, good copy is broken down into short blocks of scannable content that will keep your reader engaged. Good copy also has white space around a bolded statement, followed by another line of white space.  This helps focus the reader on a point you’re making at that spot in the content.

When you write good copy you also want to make use of:

  • Bullet points
  • Highlighting or alternate text color

If you run long sentences together in huge paragraphs, visually you’ll overwhelm the reader

As a blogger you need to know as many ways to write good copy as possible.  Help people stay with your content. You don’t want people to leave your content soon after starting because that increases your bounce rate (not a good thing).  The good news? There are some super-neat tweaks you can make once you have your copy written that will improve it and keep your readers with you.  

What tweaks can you make?

How about using “you” instead of “we? Talk directly to the person reading. Today, I’m passing you these other tips on several adjustments you can make. It comes from Pamela Wilson, who walks you through eight “small tweaks” that make so much sense.  From the folks at Copyblogger


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