is masterclass worth it

Is MasterClass Worth it? MasterClass Review 2021

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Is MasterClass worth it?

In this MasterClass review, I’ll show you the MasterClass courses that bloggers need, and why.

You’ve seen the ads on TV for MasterClass, the very popular online experience that brings genius to your screen. It grants anyone a personal front row seat at online classes with the world’s best instructors and subject matter experts.

Disclosure: The links in this article are affiliate links. This simply means if you purchase products using my links, there is no added cost to you, and I do earn a referral fee (in other words MasterClass is compensating me for this review, but has not asked me for this review)

Let’s face it, whether or not you like or dislike any of the celebrities or topics in the MasterClass lineup, you must admit these are world-class instructors. They wouldn’t be in the lineup if they weren’t.
The takeaway for you as a blogger: You will come away from these classes much better informed. This will allow you to write better content and share more knowledge (which is now YOUR knowledge) – that’s a win for you and your blog!

Blogging Niches and MasterClass Applicability

Food bloggers:

With the likes of the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass (Cooking I and II), Wolfgang Puck (Cooking), Aaron Franklin (Texas BBQ), Gabriella Camara (Mexican Cuisine), Thomas Keller (Cooking Techniques), Massimo Bottura (Modern Italian), Alice Waters (Home Cooking), Dominique Ansel (French Pastry), and many more, you will experience food like never before.

As a food blogger, you will expand your vocabulary and techniques toolbox with the many cooking classes on Masterclass! Click To Tweet

This is not the complete list of instructors, either! Check out MasterClass

Lifestyle bloggers:

A lifestyle blog is basically a representation of an author’s everyday life and interests. As a lifestyle blogger you’re creating posts inspired by your own personal interests and activities.

Does MasterClass have anything for you?

Of course! Many courses in fact, such as Daniel Negreanu (Poker), James Suckling (Wine Appreciation), Penn & Teller (Magic), Kelly Wearstler (Interior Design), Deadmau5 (Electronic Music), Christina Aguilera (Singing), Neil deGrasse Tyson (Scientific Thinking), Stephen Curry (Basketball), Tony Hawk (Skateboarding), and many more!

Personal Finance and Money bloggers:

This very popular niche requires you to be pretty sharp to gain traction. Upgrade your knowledge base from instructors like these – it’ll pay big dividends: Sara Blakely (Self-Made Entrepreneurship), Chris Voss (Art of Negotiation), Paul Krugman (Economics and Society)

Health and Fitness bloggers:

Food, nutrition, exercise are all a part of this niche. Strengthen your knowledge with instructors who will teach you more to serve your readers. Explore classes with Simone Biles (Gymnastics Fundamentals), Serena Williams (Tennis), Chef Thomas Keller (cooking techniques)

Beauty and Fashion bloggers:

Very popular and competitive niche! Dress up your brain with all sorts of expertise from these instructors: Bobbi Brown (Makeup and Beauty), Diane Von Furstenberg (Fashion), Marc Jacobs (Fashion Design)

Sports bloggers:

MasterClass brings several big-name instructors to your screen to teach you what they know and take your knowledge of the sport to a new level:  Serena Williams Teaches Tennis, and if you will… Garry Kasparov (the sport of Chess)

Personal Development bloggers:

Personal development is a VERY broad niche, so to be competitive, you must know how to inspire, coach, lead, be relatable, and pull people out of the rut they’re in.

MasterClass instructors include a broad range of topics that can help you make a difference.

Granted, these topics may seem odd in terms of personal development, but seriously consider the art forms they help you with as you help people develop: Neil Gaiman (The Art of Storytelling), Robin Roberts (Effective and Authentic Communication), Chris Voss (the Art of Negotiation), Bob Iger (think Disney) teaches (Business Strategy & Leadership), RuPaul (Self-Expression and Authenticity), Anna Wintour (Creativity and Leadership), and Neil deGrasse Tyson (Scientific Thinking)

Photography bloggers:

Everyone has a camera these days. Everyone wants to take better pictures. Help them with the knowledge you’ll gain from these MasterClass instructors, one on one: Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography and Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography

Political bloggers:

Politics… new events day to day, yet has existed throughout the course of history. Get smart with expert insight and keep your readers informed with David Axelrod & Karl Rove as they Teach Campaign Strategy and Doris Kearns Goodwin Teaches US President History

Entertainment and Film bloggers:

HUGE niche, tons of info to write about, and you need to be competitive. Sharpen your knowledge in many key foundational areas, with classes like Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting, Ron Howard Teaches Directing, Spike Lee Teaches Filmmaking, Steve Martin Teaches Comedy, and Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing For Television

Science and Technology bloggers:

Math, Science, Gadgets, you name it, you love to blog about it! Technology refresh applies to your knowledge base as well as to computers, so fill in the gaps with offerings like Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration, Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation, Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking, Will Wright Teaches Game Design and Theory, and Frank Gehry Teaches Design and Architecture

The Business of Blogging and Being In Business:

Bloggers blog about business and many bloggers start a business and earn from their blogs, so learning more about business topics serves both cases. Enrich your readers with your new knowledge gained from classes like Paul Krugman Teaches Economics and Society, Sara Blakely Teaches Self-Made Entrepreneurship, Howard Schultz Leading a Values-Based Business, Robin Roberts Teaches Effective and Authentic Comm, Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation, Goodby & Silverstein Teach Advertising and Creativity, Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy & Leadership, Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership,

Writing to Enrich Blogging:

Blogging is writing! Improve your content with guidance from expert writers in many fields, including David Mamet Teaches Creative Writing, James Patterson Teaches Writing, Judy Blume Teaches Writing, and more.

Can non-bloggers benefit from MasterClass?

A resounding YES. There are so many topics at MasterClass that almost anyone will benefit from the world-class instruction available. Learn something new, improve on what you already know, be better at conversation with others.

It’s so rare to have one-on-one instruction available from instructors like these, and MasterClass brings it right to you.

Browse the current catalog, because they add new content and instructors to keep thing fresh.

is masterclass worth it

Is MasterClass Worth It – FAQ

What is the MasterClass experience like?

  • The video courses are 100% exclusive – they are produced by MasterClass directly with the instructors to capture exactly what the masters want to teach.
  • Each MasterClass is instructor-designed and includes extensive pre-recorded video content, a class workbook, interactive assignments, and community activities. You can view the videos at any time.
  • Each course is between 2 and over 5 hours in length. Lessons within courses are 5-25 minutes long.
  • Each class has a suggested completion timeline, but you can work at your own pace. Classes purchased individually can be accessed at any time. If you buy the entire series with the All-Access Pass you have access to all classes until you cancel.
  • You can view your classes on any internet-enabled device, on any modern browser, and they also support Google Chromecast and Apple TV.

How long do I have to watch the lessons in my class?

Each class has a a suggested timeline, but you can complete the class at your own pace. Plus, you have unlimited access to every class you purchased individually. (See how to do that below)

As defined in the MasterCass Terms of Service, for classes that you enrolled in with All-Access Pass, you’ll have access to all classes until you cancel.

Can you interact with your instructor? 

Sometimes.  Some instructors may provide feedback to select students on student questions or work. Sometimes MasterClass will partner with instructors to host special live Q&A sessions and opportunities for student participation. Of course, they can’t guarantee instructor-student interaction, but say they will inform students if these opportunities become available.

Is there homework with the course?

There are suggested exercises to practice the skills being taught – but no assignments are required. 

What happens after I finish my class?

You are able to review the course materials at any time, and also interact with the community of other students to encourage each other to practice your craft. At times, MasterClass says they feature unique opportunities with your instructor.

What is the price and Refund Policy?

You can try one class, or go class-to-class with the All-Access Pass.

Single Class: You have full access to one online class. Choose wisely, because you get all the features but it costs $90 per class. This is why the All-Access Pass is such a good deal!

How to get a single class: The only way to do this (kind of a hack) is set it up as a gift to yourself.

All-Access Pass: This option lets you try out all the courses they offer. You can start and stop classes at any time, or take more than one class at once. You get the same full features as the Single-Class choice but it only costs $180 for an entire year (billed annually at $15/month)… way more budget-friendly!

As of this writing, based on current information at MasterClass, they state that they offer full refunds up to 30 days after purchase.

What if I don’t see a class I like?

MasterClass encourages you to contact them and suggest it. They are always looking for areas of interest to expand their large catalog of classes.


Did you know that MasterClass also has a library of informative articles? For example, if you’re interested in shallots, collard greens, oregano, handwriting, producer, a love poem, making a beat, Samuel L Jackson, puns, dystopian, and more, read up on them!

Now is the perfect time to start your personalized learning journey here at

is masterclass worth it

Is MasterClass worth it? I hope you feel it is after reading this. The best way to to know is try it out, risk free. As of this writing, their site says if your All Access Pass was purchased through the website within the last 30 days, you are eligible for a refund.

I hope you gain great value from your classes. I’d appreciate any sharing of his article and look forward to any comments you leave below. I attempt to answer each and every one!

Happiness and education to you,


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