Writer’s block got ya down?  Are you a content creator with nowhere to go?  No ideas? Whaaaat??

Here are some thoughts about this evil menace:

  • Almost everyone goes through it
  • Sometimes you feel that you’ve come at your topic from every possible angle and there’s nothing else you can squeeze from it
  • You kinda don’t care about your topic anymore
  • You’re distracted
  • Too much on your plate, it’s hard to focus
  • Sometimes writer’s block presents itself as brain fog, drawing a blank, no focus, no inspiration

OK, we all get writer’s block

The thing is, as a blogger or digital marketer, content is your life blood.  It’s not necessary to have a lot of content (many posts), but it is necessary to have in-depth, long posts, with actionable content.  Brian Dean from Backlinko.com states it this way – “Long-form content ranks higher in Google’s search results than short-form content. The average word count of a Google first page result is 1,890 words.

blog post word length backlinko.com
from backlinko.com (click to go to source)

The problem is when you have writer’s block, there’s not much chance of usable content flowing from your fingers onto the screen.

Luckily, there’s a way you can prod a few good ideas out of thin air! 

Today’s learning could get you out of your slump.  It’s from portent.com and it’s called the Content Idea Generator. So, let’s overcome writer’s block

Can you relate? Please spread the word!

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