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How to Use Pinterest for Affiliate Links

Disclaimer: Posts on this website may contain affiliate links. When you click on those links and make a purchase, there is no additional cost to you and I earn a small referral fee.


(Disclosure: this page contains affiliate links, which means if you buy from those links there is no extra cost to you, but I do get a small commission) 

I want you to use Pinterest for affiliate links.  Let me show you how.

Since you learned how to start a blog, you know one of the more traditional ways to use your affiliate links is on a resources page. However, Pinterest affiliate marketing 2019 style gives you a distinct advantage.

Quickly, here’s why:  Audience demographics. Check out these facts (source

  • 50% of Pinners make a household income of $50k+, and 40% have $100k+
  • in 2018 it’s fourth in popularity, behind YouTube, Facebook and Instagram – BUT 29% of US adults use Pinterest
  • Half of millennials use Pinterest every month
  • Their article has more data, but you get the point, right?

Plus… companies like these use Pinterest like crazy! Why? Because it makes good business sense! to use Pinterest for affiliate links What’s good for these guys is good for you:

Get this – 93% of Active Pinners Said They Use Pinterest to Plan for Purchases

Since 2016 Pinterest has allowed you to use your Pins for affiliate sales, so why not jump in?  You’ll need something like Canva to make the graphics that you’ll add to your Pinterest Board(s), you’ll need to create an account on Pinterest, and you’ll need some affiliate links. (You get affiliate links by finding products you love and can recommend to others, and signing up for their affiliate programs if they have one).

How to set up Pinterest for affiliate links – Let’s walk through this

Sign in to your Canva account (go to to create one if you haven’t already – it’s free).  Note – as of this writing, Canva had transitioned from Canva 1.0 to Canva 2.0 and they update their interface occasionally, so the look of the site may change a bit from what you see here.

Click on “Create a Design”

Pinterest for your affiliate links

You’ll want to choose the template that is for Pinterest (“Pinterest Graphic”).  You can choose any template actually, but the Pinterest one is sized for the optimal Pin size so maybe it’s best not to mess with success.

Pinterest for your affiliate links

Create you Pinterest graphic

Pinterest for your affiliate links


Once created (Canva does auto-save to Canva for you), then you want to download it to your computer using the button on the upper right.  Use the suggested format that is in the pop-up once you click Download.  You can change it but they know what’s best for your creation. If you need a transparent background, make sure to save it as a .PNG file.

(the option for a transparent background is a paid upgrade. Buuuut, you can make a transparent background for free at

Pinterest for your affiliate links

Once it’s downloaded to your computer, you need to upload it to your Pinterest Board.  Sign into Pinterest and click the red plus sign, and the “Create Pin”.

Pinterest for your affiliate links

You will see this screen:

Pinterest for your affiliate links

  1. Click the big plus sign to get the Canva file that you saved to your computer (No laughing at that “0 followers” thing – I just started last night !)
  2. Add the Title of your Pin where it says “Add a title”
  3. Fill in where it says “Say more about this Pin”.  You want to describe what the Pin is for, benefits, information, whatever is needed.  This helps explain and “sell” your Pin to people who find it on Pinterest.
  4. Where it says “Enter a website”, that is where you add your affiliate link.  This is key, because when people click on your Pin, that’s where you whisk them off to.
  5. Choose the Board in your Pinterest account that you want to save the Pin to. If you don’t have aboard yet, you can create one from there. Even if you have one or more, you can still create a new board from the choices menu.
  6. See the word “Save” in the upper right hand corner with the symbol of a pushpin?  CLICK THAT 🙂  If you don’t, you’ll be back doing this all over again (yeah, I made that mistake).

Now when people see that Pin on your Board (better yet, when they Pin it on other boards), and anyone clicks on it, they go to the affiliate product page.

I want you to use Pinterest for your affiliate links. Let me show you how. Click To Tweet

So – don’t forget the value of using Pinterest for your affiliate links!

All that data at the beginning of this post should convince you it’s not only fun to use, but is a strong marketing tool as well! I’ve set that up for some of my recommended resource affiliate links already.

What’s your favorite tactic to use Pinterest for affiliate links?


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