What are “power words” and why should you use them? Simply put, power words are words that get people to take action! They tend to trigger a psychological or emotional response. This outcome can be either positive or negative and they help them reach your desired outcome. They’re persuasive, and people find it harder to break away from content that contain power words.

Which is a more powerful statement:

“The place I stayed at last week was pretty cool” or “The place I stayed at was incredible”?

I’m guessing you felt the one with “incredible” did a better job.  Right on!

Whether this is a breakthrough concept for you or not, it bears a paying attention to.  It makes for better copy and increased reader engagement.

(Yeah, “breakthrough” was a power word)

So – why is this important to internet marketers? Because it delivers value to your readers and helps them get motivated to do something useful and helpful, to take action. From the business perspective that can translate into more readers for your blog and more sales for your storefront.

So, what words make good power words?  

Well, let’s explore that in impressive depth with today’s captivating and comprehensive offering by Sarah Peterson on Sumo.com – see what you can learn today

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