How to get a professional website review

“You have one chance to keep a visitor on your site. Make a good 1st impression.”

Your website is a creation. Creations need to strike people in a positive way for them to be willing to stick around. A website is also the final end product of your mechanical work as the site’s admin. You used various plugins; Headers (H1, H2, H3); images with alt text; SEO design; and so much more. You poured your heart into your site. When you believed you had it right, you published it. But did you miss anything?

I’ve written content about topics like blogging tips for beginners, use of favicons, and creating backlinks. Those, and so many more, combine to make your content shine. So it’s only natural you could have missed something. Your site may, in fact, be only a place on the way to someplace else. Let’s work on that!

A professional website review does a number of things for you

With a professional website review, you gain insight on what an outsider sees when they visit. A solid review provides information to help you make both key and subtle adjustments.


  • First impression “gut check”Granted this is subjective, but it goes a long way in telling you how the site supports its purpose. For example, what is the reviewer’s first impression of the site? Do the site colors and “look and feel” make a positive impression? Is the site easy to figure out via menu and/or headers and footers? Are there glaring errors in spelling?
  • Link checks A reviewer can wander around your site, following logic trails and finding disconnects. These could be either contradictory statements or broken links.
  • Social media and other links (the “other window”) When a visitor clicks on links (text, social media, images, etc), do they open in another window? Do they take the reader away from the main site by replacing the the tab with the linked content? You should be setting the link up to open in another window, because you keep the visit active that way. You don’t want analytics to chalk up an early bounce! Plus once the reader is off your site, they may go away (out of site, out of mind)
  • Page Load Speed a professional website review can provide you with at least a sense of how fast your page(s) loaded. This is done by either actual measurement (preferred) or subjective “gut feel”.
  • “Best Practice” for BloggersBloggers generally know many recommended “best practices”, but can often neglect or forget them. Examples include having a good call to action, replying to comments on time, and ensuring opt-in forms are set up with an active check box.
  • Recommending alternative pluginsIf outdated plugins exist, the reviewer can point that out or recommend better ones.
  • Widgets assessment A reviewer can check the placement and usefulness of widgets and sidebars. Sometimes things don’t line up right, or don’t make sense in context to content on the page.
  • Checking basic search functionalityA reviewer can test your search box, looking for many of the words found in the content, and report back on any errors.
  • Comment on features which work poorlySometimes things are broken, slow, or provide unintended results. A reviewer can point those out and recommend changes. Many times the site owner isn’t even aware of the break or the fix.
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how to get a professional website review

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Beautiful Thing

It would be awesome if there was a system that could do all that checking for you! I believe eventually an affordable system will exist. Perhaps powered by (gulp) artificial intelligence. (If it already does, leave a comment below so I can delete this post 😢).
Yet, until then, and because your site visitors are human, it’s best to have an actual human review you website. Someone who blogs a lot and has for many years. Someone who has a website dedicated to improving your digital marketing IQ. Hey, wait – that’s me! So here’s how to get a professional website review (thanks for asking)!

Pick me, pick me!

I do a nice professional website review on Fiverr. I’d love to do one for you. For now, I’ve set my price low because I’m getting my foot in the Fiverr door, but it will go up as I gain traction there. I love doing these reviews. I actually have a full time career outside of blogging and do plenty of reviewing and critiquing. Papers, engineering documents, and good old slide presentations. I spend a good deal of time finding what’s wrong and making useful recommendations. I’d love to do that for you.

Don’t take my word for it, though, drop by my Fiverr gig and check things out.


professional website review

Now you know how to get a professional website review! Leave a comment and let me know what YOU would like to see included in a website review.

Happy blogging, and please share the love. I makes me happy that it made you happy.


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