You want to promote your posts. Well, there are many ways to do that and you can probably think of some right off the bat. For example:

  • Mention them in group forums
  • Talk about them on Facebook and point back to your blog
  • Tweet about them and link to your content
  • Tell friends about what you published

All good, except they all point back to the same place – your website!  You already have a certain sized audience there, why not go big?

So how can you increase the reach of your content?  Think about this… what if your content showed up other places besides your blog?

You also need to promote your posts in places with quite a different reach!  It’s a big world out there…

Increase your blog reach

How do you promote your posts and get your content out there, way beyond the audience you normally enjoy and interact with?  How do you piggyback your content so that not only your blog readers and customers that see your content, but readers and customers of other platforms do as well?  You take advantage of other platforms that allow you to re-publish on their larger platform.

Clever?  Heck yeah!

So, come with me and let’s check out all the cool places you can precycle or recycle your content, as Erica Verillo via spells out what can work for you to promote your posts.

Can you relate? Please spread the word!

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