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This site is all about educating and sharing.  I know a little about a lot, and as you’ve seen in my posts I like to send you to places where people know a lot about a lot!  Brian Dean, yeah… he posts excellent stuff, and recently he updated (in a big way) his post on Untapped Backlink Sources. I want you to take a look at this. It’s quite long but it’s some of the best stuff you’ll find on the subject.

Getting quality backlinks is a key way to grab Google’s attention

So, it’s also a key way that you can improve your search engine ranking. Here’s the thing, and Brian states it clearly: “Search engines consider backlinks “votes” for your website and content, which can improve a site’s rankings in the search results.”

You can get backlinks from high authority sites (the big name ones) and by using link-building strategies (oh, and today’s learning link explains the what and how !) Did you know that “A single quality backlink can be more powerful than 10,000 low-quality backlinks”?  Brian knows that and shares the details.

Pop quiz, do you know this kind of stuff?  Here are some things you need to dig into and get cozy with to really make the most of quality links:

  • Links within text versus standalone
  • Website source
  • Keyword and Anchor Text
  • Topical Relationship
  • DoFollow versus NoFollow
  • Previous linking
  • Paid or Not Paid
  • Broken links that can bring you backlinks


You get the idea – there’s a lot to know about backlink sources

Find a quiet place and takes some good notes from this hefty guide to Backlink Sources from

Can you relate? Please spread the word!

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