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Have you heard of Rakuten or Print On Demand? Do you like getting cash back from your online shopping? Is affiliate marketing working for you?

One way bloggers make money is through affiliate marketing links. No-brainer. It does take a bit of work and you need a lot of content so eyeballs find your product links. Then people need to click on those links and buy within a short period of time for your commission to be awarded.

Nevertheless, affiliate marketing works and it’s the main way bloggers make money.

Are there other ways, though?

make money online

There ARE other ways. Some of them need a lot more attention than others. For example, drop-shipping has great potential but takes a lot of effort.

So here are some fairly easy new things for you to try…

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase or sign up through then, I will earn a small referral commission. You are under no obligation to use them, and if you do use them there is no extra cost to you.

There are two new ways I recommend you try in addition to affiliate marketing…

  • Print On Demand (POD)
  • Online rebates (cash back)

Print On Demand (POD)

Print On Demand is a way for you to create designs and have a POD company print them on various products that they offer such as t-shirts, cups, clocks, phone cases, and more.

It’s easy to get started with Print On Demand and it’s easy to create and upload your designs. You do, however, need to create and submit a lot of good designs that people will want to buy before you start to gain traction. I’ve done it, and was surprised how easy it was to get 50-some designs submitted within a couple weeks in my spare time.

The neat thing about Print On Demand is that POD companies want you to succeed. If you succeed, they succeed. One company, for example, will start doing marketing for you as soon as you make some sales, showing you as a recommended store.

(TIP: there are also a couple of websites that you can use to make the whole process easier, and I’ll list those resources at the end of this article)

Three of the best places for POD are:

In my company, I created stores for one of my websites on two of these locations (Redbubble and Teespring) and also designed a few t-shirts through Merch by Amazon. Here’s an example of some nice coasters I made recently:

print on demand

It’s a creative outlet, it’s fun, and when you get that first sale it feels amazing!!

Online Rebates made easy (getting cash back)

If you shop a lot online (who doesn’t these days), you can buy at major retailers and earn some money for your purchases. My favorite example of getting cash back is through Rakuten.


Here’s the way it works is:

First, sign up with Rakuten and then find the store(s) you want to shop with. When the store confirms with Rakuten that you made purchases, you get paid by PayPal or check. It’s that simple and easy!


One other way that still makes sense today is writing and selling ebooks. These books are not hard to publish, and as long as they contain useful information that helps people solve a problem, you’re very likely to get sales.
how to make an ebook

Bonus Resources to make creating and selling SO much faster and easier:

  • Placeit.net – Product Models to use on Instagram and other places that show off real people with your designs. You get amazing mockups, designs, logos, and more. Placeit gives you over 45,000 smart templates, the largest collection of mockups on the internet, and the ability to create one of a kind videos to make your creations look amazing!
  • MerchInformer.com – Helps you find out how likely your design will fair against the competition, particularly aimed at Merch by Amazon designs. If you’re not optimizing while other sellers are, you’re leaving money on the table. This one tool is exactly what you need to start and grow your Amazon Merch business!merchinformer

Bottom Line:

Cash back for shopping, selling print on demand products, and writing ebooks!

So add all of these useful ideas and tools to your income-producing arsenal, and comment below with other money-making strategies you employ.

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