What Does a Home Office Need?

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What does a home office need? Since working from home has become the norm for most people, there is a whole new world of considerations for people to adapt to.

Stay at home work can get to be a grind after awhile if you’re not set up with the right home office layout or equipment.

What do you want your home office to be like?

I’ll show you a TON of ways and products that will help make you more productive while working from a home office.

(By the way, these tips apply to anyone who works from home, such as former office workers, entrepreneurs, work from home moms or dads, bloggers, coaches, consultants, etc.)

So if you’re struggling with your setup, here’s a cornucopia of ideas you can use to improve your workspace and productivity!


what does a home office need

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What Does a Home Office Need?

A Second Monitor

Having a second monitor allows you the freedom to expand your workspace. You can easily use your computer’s setting to extend your view across two monitors. This comes in handy when you’re working with large spreadsheets, holding virtual presentations, or keeping a calculator or other productivity app off to the side for frequent use.


Double Monitor Stand

If you’ve ever seen someone using these, you can appreciate the utility! These handy stands allow you to configure the arrangement of your monitors for optimum viewing.

Standing Desk

I had a standing desk in a previous office job, and in fact I’m using one now in my home office. They are amazing! They help you work better and also get that stretch in. You know, the one you’re supposed to take every hour or less to use different muscles than the “sitting” ones? They also help you correct posture and get into the most ergonomic position possible. This saves your neck and shoulders from a lot of pain by the end of the day.

Mouse and Keyboard

This is kind of a no-brainer, but if you don’t have a mouse and keyboard that works for you instead of against you, then you’re in a fight all day. Work’s tough enough without a hardware battle to fight.


Hopefully you’ll get a lot of natural light in your home office. If not, you need a bit of ambient light. Find a light with a bulb that provides good color temperature. Too blue or too red may not feel right to your eyes. Read the product descriptions to help you choose the right bulb. Because most likely you can choose your own bulb, go to a big box home improvement store where they sell light bulbs. They almost always have a display that gives you a good feel for the color temp of various bulbs they sell.


Office Desk Chair

Unless you spend all day at your standing desk, you’ll spend a good deal of time sitting while at work. Even with a standing desk, you’ll most likely sit a lot. You need a good chair, one that’s adjustable and rolls easily. It also needs to keep you supported and not too hot or cold (material can make the difference.)

Home Office Corner Desk

This is item is about space savings and wall use. A corner desk is at a 90 degree angle and up against your wall. It helps keep you focused on work and away from visual distractions. It gives you an option for the desktop surface you’ll use to work and which is the “side table” for papers, files, etc.

Home Office Cabinets

There’s a good chance you’ll need some storage and organization. Cabinets can make a huge difference in productivity and sanity. Keeping things organized and uncluttered is a big plus when working in any office, especially at home.

Home Office Furniture Collections

This is sort of a personal choice.  If you like a unified, clean look, you might want to set yourself up nicely with a collection of matching style. Here are some highly reviewed items to get you thinking.

Home Office Laser Printer

Laser printers do a nice job. If you’re strapped for cash, go ahead and enter “inkjet printer” in the search bar. Either way, get a highly rated, but cost effective machine. These are workhorses in an office. Consider, too, the price of ink refills.

Home Office Printer Scanner

Sort of the SUV of printers…. it prints, it scans, it saves in different formats. Very versatile!


Call Blocker

A call blocker allows you to control who gets through and who gets blocked. There are only a few really good ones on the market. The one I use and reviewed can be found here – the CPR V10000 Call Blocker.


Separate work life from home life with a separate computer. Sure, a bit costly, but you want the extra capability they provide. Also, if you have a home-based business, a separate computer keeps personal files separate from business files.  That’s a best practice for business owners. Even a certified used machine is useful. For example, this Microsoft Surface:


Surge Protector

Surge protectors a simple, and have been around a long time. If you’ve ever suffered immediate equipment damage or loss from a power surge, you know how important a surge protector is. Is an instant, you could be out several hundred or thousand of dollars when you receive a power surge at home or in the office. You want to protect yourself with this wise investment!


There’s almost nothing worse than a power outage when you have your system and peripherals powered up and you’re in the middle of serious fun or work. Yo want to keep going but everything stops dead and you may have just lost a lot of important work. You want to have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in your arsenal. With a UPS, you just keep working. It will allow you enough time to save and gracefully shut down your computer without losing everything. Can’t afford to live without one.

Document Shredder (Paper Shredder)

Do you mind sharing you address, social security number, phone, bank account number and more with total strangers? A good paper shredder takes the written content and cuts it into super small pieces that can be difficult or near impossible to reassemble. You want to look for a cross-cut shredder and one that makes the smallest pieces possible. You will also want to get one that can handle multiple sheets at a time (so you’re not there all day shredding!) Look for speed, shred size, noise level, safety features to avoid getting fingers or ties caught in the machine. Once you find the right one for you , put it to regular use!


File Cabinet

Like the other cabinets mentioned earlier, a file cabinet is a great idea. Today, most,many documents are electronic, but no doubt there are still many paper documents that take up space but need to be kept. A solid file cabinet is what you want for that.

Office Decor

Who wants a plain workspace? Come on, you want something that surrounds you with comfort, encourages progress, and can be relaxing when you need a break. Some office decor does just the trick!

Office Plants

Part of you office decor are plants. They’re alive, they’re a brief diversion from stress when watering or admiring them. They look good and keep your attitude positive.

Fire Safe Box

There are some documents and items you will NOT want to lose. The fire safe box solves that problem. These boxes usually come with a key lock and are certified by testing labs to withstand a certain amount of intense heat for a specific minimum period of time. Look for that data when you’re shopping for one. This is a simple but super-wise investment you’ll want for very important items!

So there you have it – a collection of home office items that lead to better productivity and organization!


But… one more thing… While You’re Home withe Family…

All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull people. No doubt many of you have kids, and trying to balance work and family can be tough. LEGO to the rescue!

Taking time to watch your kids build, or even sitting down and building with them, is a great way to take a break from the home office and also do some bonding. No screen time here, and what’s that? They use their imagination?  Woah, awesome!

Take a look at what’s possible!

LEGO Brand Retail

What Does a Home Office Need if You Always Work from Home?

If a home office is your “normal” all the time, here I’ve assembled a group of products you just may want! These are good across the range of home-based businesses. See all the details by clicking the links below!


Amazon Affiliates Plugin – AAWP: This is arguably the best plugin to use for presenting Amazon product listings on your blog.

WordPress Hosting: You know that you need a reliable, supportive web hosting company. Well, if you didn’t know that, now you do.

Here are the two I use and recommend:

Podcasting Platform– Fusebox: This is Pat Flynn’s beautiful, powerful, feature-rich podcast player. You really (really) owe it to yourself to see how useful this will be for growing your podcasts. That’s FUSEBOX!

Grammarly: You’ve seen the ads. I’ve used it a lot and it REALLY helps catch and correct mistakes that could cause you readers to drop off and lessen your writing reputation. Take a look and decide, you’ll get a good idea just how much it’ll improve your writing.

LinkWhipser is a powerful blogging tool. Unique, in that as you write content, it automatically finds relevant links in all your other content and “whispers” that it’s there in a powerful dashboard. This helps make onsite SEO easy and makes internal linking super fast.

LongTailPro is one of the best, most powerful, and easy to use keyword tools you can buy. One of its long-time features is a color-coded score that tells you how easy it will be to rank for any keyword. It comes with a keyword Rank Tracker and many other features you’ll want to use regularly.

MailerLite – building an email list is one of the smartest things a blogger or business can do! There a a number of very powerful providers out there, but for beginners who want a lot of capability at a low (or free) cost, MailerLite is the one I use and recommend.

MasterClass – Everyone, work at home or not, needs to learn new stuff to stay relevant. One of the most cost-effective platforms to gain exposure to new things and knowledge about subjects you’re interested in is MasterClass. You really need to click the link and just see what they have to offer! You may want to read my MasterClass review as well! Very amazing stuff!

Sqribblethis software package is a powerful tool you’ll want to take advantage of when you write your ebook. You know the book is in you, you just need an easy way to get it done. Sqribble is one of two ways I recommend to write an ebook.

Teachable – this is one of the premier online course-creation platforms. When you want to build a course and teach people what you know, you’ll want Teachable.

Effective Video Marketing – Wave.video is you go-to source for a super video marketing platform, check it out here!

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